Image: First logo rounds, 2020.


Founded in 2019, in Venice, California, by Garon Deffley in a small jewelry design shop with nothing but a torch, mandrel, and an instructor.
After submitting a design for casting against the instructor's directive at the end of the first lecture (sold today as The Miner cuff) a commitment was formed to produce a product that uses the finest quality of metals and materials to create interesting pieces of jewelry that are uniquely imperfect, and made to last the adventurous and leisurely lifestyle of California.
Each piece stems from the eye and vision we had for the style of accessory we wanted to wear ourselves, and now available for all.

Image: The MINER cuff and The Buck & The Bull set


From the beginning we were committed to a process that commands craftsmanship and high quality materials. Each and every piece we sell is designed and handmade by Garon, and cast out of a Northern San Diego casting studio.
Each piece is created with traditional tools and torch. We ignore modern techniques that would allow for mass production with the goal of offering you a piece that is truly special by using a hands-on approach from start to finish. When casting, we use only .925 Sterling Silver and 10K Solid Gold, giving our customers the ownership in a high quality and lasting piece.
  • 1. Ideation

    Design drawings in sketchbook experimenting shapes, silhouettes, and textures.
  • 2. Design

    Wax application and carving on mandrel using torch and tools to create wax model.
  • 3. Mold

    Imbedding of wax model into rubber to create rubber master mold for casting production.
  • 4. Casting

    Cast in furnace by pouring molten .925 Sterling Silver or 10K Gold into the master mold.
  • 5. Finish

    Tumbled to erode harsh textures, oxidized to turn band black-ish color, and polished to bring back to metal color leaving only the crevices black for contrast.
  • 6. Stamping

    We stamp by hammer ".925" or "10K" stamp for authenticity + size stamp inside the band
  • 7. Inspection

    Final polishing and cleaning if needed. Once approved, the item is ready for sale or shipment.
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