Don't know your ring size? We got you covered.

To get your true size, we recommend getting sized at your local jewelry store. If you can't go see your local jewelry store, follow the steps below to find your true size by finding your finger circumference and matching to its corresponding ring size on the chart below.
1. Take a strip of paper and cut to approximately 3mm wide and 3 inches long
2. Wrap the paper around the base of desired finger where the ring would rest. Be sure it fits snug, but isn't too tight
3. Place a piece of tape to lock in the existing position of the paper, forming a circle. (try taking it on and off to make sure it's fitting right)
4. Cut the piece of paper in half, and measure it against a ruler
5. Compare the length of the paper in millimeters to the chart below, and there you have your size
(If you feel your size falls somewhere in between, consider that your fingers are typically swollen later in the day and when you're less hydrated. Your fingers are typically thinner earlier in the day and when you are well-hydrated.)
49.5mm - Size 5
51.5mm - Size 6
54.1mm - Size 7
56.6mm - Size 8
59.1mm - Size 9
61.6mm - Size 10
64.1mm - Size 11
66.7mm - Size 12

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